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10 Critical Factors to Building Profitable Customer Loyalty...and Why It Matters (ESPECIALLY) Now!

Your best customers are your competitors’ best prospects. What are you doing to do to ensure that they remain your loyal customers? Relationship marketing — or finding a way to hold on to those best, most-valued customers and earning more from them — is probably at the top of your list of priorities. Recognizing this priority, however, is just the first step. Where do you begin?
Points for every dollar spent? Tiered loyalty program? Cash back loyalty program? Retention programs? Paid premium loyalty program? With the bewildering number of options, how do you decide on the most cost-effective method to hang on to your customers, improve revenue and profits, and keep your competitors at bay?
A loyalty program can provide an excellent return on investment. But only if the approach you take is the right one for your customer base — based on understanding who your best customers are, recognizing them, communicating with them, and rewarding them, thereby driving deeper engagement through emotional loyalty.
In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Three facets of customer loyalty
  • Benefits of loyalty programs
  • Success factors the best loyalty programs have in common
  • What works and common mistakes you should avoid

Find all this and more, along with important takeaways for brands and retailers. Click the link below to download your copy for free today!


Don’t Enter the Battle for Customer Loyalty Unarmed: Audit Your Loyalty Marketing Strategies

There’s no denying it. Today’s economic climate has been tenuous at best and its effect on retail loyalty has taken its toll. What worked in your loyalty program just a year or two ago, can now be flagging. The good news is that the potential is there, waiting to be tapped. By auditing your loyalty program, you can fortify your value proposition, build loyalty, differentiate yourself from the competition while increasing customer share, and improving bottom line results. Click the link below to download your copy for free today!


Customer Centricity: Beyond the Theory

The customer-centric theory may, at first blush, seem a backwards approach to profitability. The focus is not on the customer’s wallet, but the customer himself. Learn how successful businesses have increased share of wallet and generated fiscal growth by putting the individual customer’s needs before the company’s. Click the link below to download your copy for free today!


Customer Knowledge as the Wellspring of Innovation

The Marketing Trust Study, conducted by Yankelovich Partners, revealed that consumer resistance to marketing and advertising has reached an all-time high. Discover strategies to break through customer resistance by acquiring deeper customer knowledge, delivering relevant messages and creating a unique customer experience. Click the link below to download your copy for free today!


Does Loyalty Really Exist?

Loyalty marketing can deliver positive return on investment when properly executed. Through real-world examples, learn the methods and techniques successful businesses use to inspire loyalty and build profitable customer relationships. Click the link below to download your copy for free today!


Loyalty Quest: Understanding What Customers Want

Develop insight into leveraging customer data to target and acquire more profitable customers, keep them coming back and even increase the amount of money they spend with your company. Uncover strategies to earn customer devotion by anticipating and exceeding its customer expectations.


Loyalty Report

Delivering on the one-to-one promise is not a one-time exercise. It’s an ongoing pursuit that is continuously measured and refined. Learn the ten critical success factors to cultivating profitable customer relationships. We share these with you as key benchmarks to any successful loyalty marketing program.


Improving Your Odds of CRM Success

Success with CRM initiatives remains elusive for many. A study conducted by Forrester Research found that less than 50 percent of the executives surveyed were satisfied with their CRM results. Compare your CRM approach with this list of five best practices to uncover weak points and uncover opportunities to improve the odds of your CRM success.


Loyalty Program: Time for a Refresh

It seems that everybody has a loyalty program these days. Some were created years ago and don’t look a day older than the day they were rolled out. Others have undergone dramatic facelifts. So how do you know when the time is right to make some changes?