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Untapped Potential: Social Media Impact on Buying Journey

Untapped Potential: Social Media Impact on Buying Journey

Retailers Fail to Leverage the Full Potential of Social Media to Enhance the Customer Journey

The 2016 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey reveals that 81% of retailers using social media to engage with customers indicate that their processes need improvement.

“Social media provides retailers with unprecedented visibility into their customer base. It provides a venue where retailers can directly communicate with their customers and it can be an extremely powerful tool for collecting and using customer insights to improve planning decisions,” said Brian Brunk, principal at Boston Retail Partners. “Retailers can understand who the customer is, what she wants, when and where she wants it, and even why she wants it based on social media postings and feedback.”

Social Media Improves Customer Journey

The 2016 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey highlights five key areas where retailers can and should utilize social media to improve the customer journey:

  1. Experience: 69% of retailers see opportunities to utilize social media to enhance the customer experience
  2. Interaction: 75% of retailers support customer interaction via social media
  3. Endorsement – 59% of retailers plan to utilize brand advocacy/ social media endorsement as a source for identifying their most valuable customers within three years
  4. Satisfaction: 59% of retailers utilize social media comments as a means of measuring customer satisfaction
  5. Insight: 60% of retailers capture customer feedback and insights from social media and online comments
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