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Untapped Potential: Social Media Impact on Buying Journey

Retailers Fail to Leverage the Full Potential of Social Media to Enhance the Customer Journey The 2016 Customer Experience/Unified Commerce Survey reveals that 81% of retailers using social media to engage with customers indicate that their processes need improvement. “Social media provides retailers with unprecedented visibility into their customer base. It provides a venue where retailers can directly Read more…

Marketing Study: What do Consumers Want

Study Reveals What Consumers Want From their Shopping Experience Study confirms what most retailers already know. Consumers want businesses to make it easy and convenient to buy. This includes offering advanced mobile features, flexible shipping options, and hassle free returns. A recent UPS and ComScore study revealed that consumers plan to research and purchase more frequently using Read more…

By the Numbers: Recent Stats

These recent marketing statistics caught our eye. What do these numbers say to you? 85% of loyalty program members polled report that they haven’t heard a single word from a loyalty program since the day they signed up. 
 ACI Worldwide 2011 Study 66% polled said they liked loyalty programs with “discounts and savings” Facebook Read more…