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A Comprehensive Branding Guide for Businesses

A branding guide, also called a brand’s style guide, is a rulebook containing instructions on how to present a brand to the world. It includes everything from the brand’s vision to its voice. As a critical business document, it ensures clarity and consistency at every level of brand communication. it’s important for customers to experience Read more…

Study: Brand Loyalty of Millennials

A recent report from Adroit Digital surveyed 2,000 Millennials to gain a better understanding of how they view brands and their general feelings about brand loyalty. Results indicate that they see themselves as loyalists, but in a different manner than their Gen X siblings or Baby Boomer parents. A big difference in the way Millennials Read more…

News: Burberry Engage Customers, Tommy Hilfiger’s Meetup

Highlighted below is the latest digital marketing news on emerging trends, research, and brands using social media. HOW DATA HELPS BURBERRY ENGAGE CUSTOMERS WHEREVER THEY ARE More than 800,000 followers and about 15 million fans make Burberry the leading luxury lifestyle brand on Instagram and Facebook. A secret to the company’s social media success and Read more…