Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014

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Social Media Trends Marketers Need to Know

Denver (January 15, 2014) — The leaders of tomorrow are learning about social media today from Sallie Burnett, President of Customer Insight Group, a leading strategic marketing firm renowned for its ability to help companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships. To a gathering of students from the Denver Youth Leadership organization of Jefferson County on Wednesday, January 14 in Lakewood, CO,she will have an in-depth conversation about web marketing and social media trends that will shape 2014.

“Social media outlets continue to grow exponentially. Social media is not a learn-it-once entity, instead it demands constant attention to stay tuned in to its ever-expanding role in business,” explains Sallie.This presentation will give students an overview of current social media trends, a look at how businesses are leveraging social media to grow their businesses and touch on career potential within this unique marketing niche. Students will leave with a better understanding of how social media goes beyond how they typically use it as a teenage consumer, and help them understand how businesses are using social media to help further their business objectives.

Through her strategic consulting and training business, Sallie helps businesses to accelerate their profits by integrating proven social media marketing strategies into their overall marketing plans. She also travels the United States and internationally to share her insights and to provide social media keynotes and in-depth training. She helps companies create customer-centric strategies that reach across all customer touch points, building a stronger relationship between the brand and their customers to improve lifetime value and return on investment. Sallie’s experience as an adjunct professor of Digital Marketing at Daniels College of Business made her an obvious choice to help introduce Denver-area students and future business leaders to social media marketing channels.


Customer Insight Group is a leading strategic marketing firm that helps companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships. Their expertise lies in helping companies assess and improve customer strategy to achieve measurable business objectives. Services include: comprehensive loyalty audits, social media strategy and execution and innovative loyalty programs.

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