Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media marketing offers plenty of exciting new tools to play with, but without solid strategy backing them up, they simply won’t deliver the results you seek. We believe a smart strategy is the cornerstone of any successful marketing program, and social media marketing is no exception. Social media marketing brings a wealth of new perspectives to the table, so we take the time to educate our clients in this brave new world of marketing, create measurable goals, and a comprehensive strategy that delivers results. Customer Insight Group creates a social media roadmap that gives you solid direction on the critical issues.

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Social Media Marketing Plan

Our consulting practice works collaboratively with your in-house marketing and social media team to develop your social media marketing plan.

  • Establish your objectives – Forget the technology. First, focus on core understanding — who you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to accomplish, and how you plan to change those relationships. Consider the full range of objectives, from the big picture goals of the company to the response you seek from your customers. Marketing on the social web is about giving to get. Understanding exactly what your community wants is key to giving and, ultimately, the getting – reaching your organization’s goals. Without that understanding as your strategic foundation, you can’t deliver on a compelling promise.
  • Understand your audience – You may find it eye-opening to see how your audience communicates/interacts on the social web. We’ll help you pinpoint which types of social networks, media sharing, and assets strike a chord with your audience and why they make those social media choices.
  • Map your social media marketing strategy – Once you understand what makes your customers tick, you have to identify the right social media strategy to meet their needs and interests, and ultimately your goals as well. Will you engage influencers? Energize brand advocates? Create demand with value-added content? Set up a venue to listen and learn? We’ll guide you in determining the right strategy and how it fits into your existing marketing strategy.
  • Take stock – New strategies often mean reinforcing your existing resources. Now is the time to look at what your current resources can handle and what outside social media resources need to be tapped to manage the implementation and ongoing support of your strategy. From branding look and feel to monitoring and moderating customer comments to customer service, take a 360-degree look at how your new social media strategy impacts your current resources and demands new ones.
  • Fill your toolbox – Your old set of marketing tools probably won’t meet the needs of the new technologies you’re about to utilize. Determine what new set of tools you’ll need to efficiently monitor, communicate, create, and promote social content.
  • Measure your success – No one is looking for purely anecdotal results from their social media efforts. Measurement is key to the ongoing success and shaping of your social media program. How will you measure success according to the objectives you’ve identified? What tools will you employ, and at what point will you take benchmark measurements as well as interval measurements?


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