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Use our Social Media Trader to find out how you can use social media to drive your bottom line.

When it comes to determining value, social media can be one of the most elusive channels for marketers. You know that engaging with customers and prospects is important, but it can be difficult to know how to do it right or where to spend your time.

Find out how well your company rates when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs, and more. For a free, no-obligation social media assessment simply go to Social Media Grader and complete the quick profile, then we’ll email you a comprehensive Social Media Report Card with an assessment of how you stack up on each of your social media channels and tips to help you harness social media to drive business results.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Social Media Grade

1. See Where You Stand – When it comes to social media, it’s a relatively new, constantly evolving field. Haven’t you always wanted to see where you land?

2. Get Best Practices – For every channel that is graded, we offer best practices as well, so no matter what your grade, you’ll get valuable information to help you optimize your social media presence to engage, keep and grow your customer relationships.

3. Fuel Your Fire – Take your social media grade to the higher ups and show them where you need to throw your time, efforts and budgets to boost brand awareness and grow sales.

4. Affirmation or Enlightenment – If you’ve been working blindly just trying to stay ahead of the social media curve, it can be hard to sit back and critique yourself. The social media grader does it for you in a quick snapshot of progress and ideas for improvement. You can use this insight to update your social media strategy.

5. Bragging Rights – Admit it, you’d love to be able to show off how on top of social media you are as a company. We bet you were an honor student way back when, too.

Get Your Social Media Grade Today

There is no obligation and your social media grade is completely free — the feedback you’ll receive will help you get the results your business needs. This report is only for nonprofits and B2C marketers that are serious about taking the performance of their social media marketing to the next level. Go to Social Media Grader for your free no-obligation personalized Social Media Report Card. Both your email and phone number are required to receive your report and feedback.

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