Sample Workshop Agenda


Customer Loyalty Marketing Workshop Agenda

Strategic Loyalty Marketing Overview

  • Get a current business issues overview on what drives loyalty marketing now
  • Learn the language of loyalty marketing
  • Discover the Loyalty Circle: Engage, Keep and Grow
  • Find out what loyalty marketing can and can’t accomplish
  • Review examples of best practices
  • Determine how a tactical loyalty program fits into your overall marketing strategy


Four Steps to Help You Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

Phase I: Exploration

  • Creating a strategic framework to guide program development
  • Competitor benchmark analysis and brand assessment
  • Defining objectives you can measure
  • Identifying and profiling desired customer behavior
  • Segmenting your customer base to identify your best customers
  • Creating the ultimate value proposition and the perfect blend of incentives
  • Which social channels are dominant for your customers
  • Realize all the profit you can from tiered resource allocation

Phase II: Loyalty Program Structure

  • Determining the optimal loyalty structural model
  • Defining the best program benefits
  • Where and when to use promotional currency
  • Creating a differentiated value proposition
  • Developing test and rollout plans
  • Planning ahead with exit strategies

Phase III: Loyalty Program Implementation Plan

  • Forecasting enrollment/participation rates, redemption, breakage, and program costs
  • Engaging enrollment tactics
  • Creating compelling and meaningful communications that gain customer permission
  • Developing foolproof implementation plans for launch and ongoing customer engagement
  • Cultivating your company’s most valuable asset – your customers

Phase IV: Financial Planning and Analytics

  • Measuring loyalty program’s results
  • Estimating costs and evaluating results on a financial basis
  • How to quantify the ROI of your program
  • Anticipating program lift
  • Accounting for liability