Sallie Burnett Shares Customer Loyalty Insight at the Resort Development Organization’s Annual Conference

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Customer Insight Group, Inc.

Denver (September 24, 2012) — Sallie Burnett, President of Customer Insight Group, a leading strategic marketing firm renowned for its ability to help companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships, will be a featured presenter at the 2012 Resort Development Organization (RDO) annual conference in London, September 23-25. She will enlighten this audience of professionals within the European timeshare and fractional industries on Loyalty: The Ties That Bind.

Loyalty programs are everywhere. In virtually every vertical market and in every region of the globe, loyalty marketers have adopted tactics to retain and grow their loyal customer base, but many of these programs fail. Why? Some lackluster results are self-inflicted; when a loyalty program takes a “me too” value proposition from a flawed competitor’s design, others occur when programs are launched then put on autopilot. In some cases, the marketplace and customers’ purchase behaviors have changed due to the economy and the program now requires a revamp. Some pundits blame these failures on the concept of loyalty marketing itself.

Learn The Secrets of Successful Loyalty Programs

“What we know is that loyalty marketing works,” shares Burnett, “It’s as simple as that. The tactics of engaging, keeping and growing customer relationships have proven their value for businesses big and small, across industries and around the globe.”

Sallie will show how a strategic loyalty initiative can emerge as a star player within a marketing plan by building momentum and spurring continued growth. Sallie will share seven key loyalty-marketing strategies that can serve as guideposts for companies to create, expand and revamp loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies to achieve both short- and long-term goals.

“Executed correctly, a loyalty program will influence brand loyalty, both in the short term by modifying frequency of purchase, average sale and overall share of wallet, and in the long-term by helping to inspire a deeper emotional connection with the brand and fostering brand advocacy. The best approach is to have a holistic engagement strategies and offerings that authentically connect an organization with valued customers and consistently engage the customer and grows the connection over time,” explains Burnett.

This year’s RDO conference theme is Going the Distance, and will explore the challenges and increased opportunities that can be expected over the next few years and why it is so important to remember that a successful business strategy is about staying the distance and anticipating the future, not just the immediate road ahead.

Customer Insight Group is a leading strategic marketing firm that helps companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships. Their expertise lies in helping companies assess and improve customer strategy to achieve measurable business objectives. Services include: comprehensive loyalty audits, social media customer engagement programs and innovative loyalty programs.