Our Clients

Customer-Driven Results

Everyone has a story to tell. The same is true for our clients. They all come to us with different opportunities, competitive challenges, and diverse needs. They present challenges we’ve seen a million times before. Some are entirely unique, and still, others are the direct result of dramatic changes in the marketplace or fueled by competition.

While one is looking to generate a better return on investment, others seek to enhance their profit margin or escape the chains of deep discounts. One thing that we know for certain – rarely is everyone looking for the exact same thing. We ask novel questions that prompt fresh insight and drives innovative strategies. Customer Insight Group’s experience spans various industries and challenges, which gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every client relationship. We help you discover opportunities you may never have considered, create innovative solutions, and achieve short-term results that bridge where you are today to take you where you want to be. We pride ourselves in providing customized solutions that answer our client’s individual needs. Cookie-cutter solutions are simply unacceptable.


Tailor-Made Programs

As we collaborate with you, our goal is to garner rich insight that ultimately results in greater customer engagement, growth, and loyalty. Your brand will be stronger, your customer relationships more valuable, and your successes more measurable.


Our Verticals

Industry leaders come to us to create exceptional brand experiences that lead to increased loyalty and engagement between their brand and their customers. We create innovative solutions for various verticals, including consumer package goods, e-commerce, finance, public transit, retail, restaurants, and tourism.

We have proprietary processes with proven results. Using our proven proprietary processes, customer-centric research, analytics, and cutting-edge strategy, we’ve helped brands like Affinity Plus Credit Union, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Country Door, Sierra Trading Post, TriMet (Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon), and others focus on understanding customer needs and expectations, drive profits, and optimize customer lifetime value.

Make a quick impact with innovative strategies. Customer Insight Group helps you minimize risk, rapidly respond to changes in the marketplace, and maximize results.


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Regardless of your industry, we can help you engage your consumers, build brand awareness, increase incremental revenue, and deliver proven ROI. Our relationship has so much promise… let’s talk.