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Need a visionary keynote address? Someone in the know to host a panel of industry experts? Or perhaps something more intimate — a private workshop targeting your top issues? We’re happy to pack our bags and bring our expertise to you. Contact Sallie Burnett directly at or call +1 303.422.9758.

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Customer Insight Group’s public relations and communications team are seasoned professionals who understand deadlines and can bring you strategic experts in loyalty marketing, social media and customer engagement to add value to your story. Beyond being the foremost experts, our strategists know how to stay on message and communicate complex business ideas in a simple yet compelling manner. Call us today at +1 303.422.9758 or email us at to get the expert insight you need.

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With change coming faster than ever, our subject matter experts are challenged to stay ahead of the market and offer insights into “the next big thing” in loyalty marketing and customer engagement. Customer Insight Group’s white papers and ebooks offer our latest insights, strategic perspectives and a practical methodology that drives business results.

Get your marketing strategy off to a great start with these social media and loyalty marketing infographics filled with useful stats, information, and tips.