The quest to engage, keep, and grow your customer relationships begins with defined measurable goals and an actionable strategy that ensures success. You need to look no further than Customer Insight Group’s proven proprietary process to help you build the optimal program that is financially viable, sustainable, and achieves your business objectives. Our program design team has extensive experience across industries.

Create a Loyalty Program that Works

A loyalty program is only the beginning of what should be a very long and healthy, profitable relationship. So it only makes sense to get it right from the start. Customer Insight Group’s consultants will partner with you to develop a program that will achieve your business objectives and effectively engage your customers. From points and rewards to discounts and customer engagement to development-based value propositions, our team of experienced loyalty professionals will create an ideal loyalty program strategy addressing the five primary loyalty signature characteristics:

  • Marketplace: Support your overall brand, your customer’s needs, and sustain your distinct position within the competitive environment.
  • Structure: Build and operate a differentiated loyalty strategy.
  • Technology and Social Media: Leverage mobile and social channels to engage members.
  • Financial: Drive incremental revenue to your bottom line.
  • Customer Feelings and Behavioral: Both the customer behaviors and emotions that contribute to customer loyalty.

Our Proprietary Approach

Customer Insight Group’s loyalty consultants average over twenty years of experience working with brands across many verticals. Using our proprietary process, we partner with you to develop and implement a program that delivers a compelling customer experience that fosters customer loyalty. 

  • Differentiated loyalty program that resists replication
  • Loyalty program strategy that supports your strategic loyalty program objectives and is a natural extension of your brand
  • Omnichannel approach that creates a seamless customer experience
  • Leverage each touchpoint to reinforce the value proposition and focus on what matters to your customer — creating concise, relevant, and compelling messages that build relationships based on your customers’ needs. 
  • Financial planning, measurement framework, and reporting to maximize return on investment
  • Collect actionable customer data across all touchpoints and channels and use the data to engage, deepen connections, and foster customer loyalty
  • Resource and technology requirements to support your program

Why Client’s Choose Customer Insight Group

Customized Program Design

At Customer Insight Group, we tailor each program we design to best meet client objectives and maximize return on investment. We’re not locked into any particular approach; instead, we are innovators in developing non-traditional, cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding return on investment and achieve your business objectives.

Experience Sets Us Apart

Our loyalty strategist, data analyst, and creative teams have an average of over twenty years of experience in loyalty program development, customer communication, and program management across an array of industries. We bring this experience to bear with every client we work with, and we care as much about your customers as you do.

Diverse Reward Offering

We offer a variety of rewards, including sweepstakes, coupons, discounts, gift cards, digital downloads, and charitable donations, to add value to your loyalty program and increase engagement. Redemption of rewards can be as easy as same-day ordering and delivery of voucher codes with instant delivery of an eGift, or as automated as adding your choice from a catalog of rewards to the loyalty program or App with an API.

Multichannel Loyalty Platform

Customer Insight Group knows what state-of-the-art functionality, reporting, and technology you need to be able to manage your best in class loyalty program. We partner with you to select the best loyalty platform — one that will manage activities and rewards, provides business intelligence and analytics, anti-gaming, customer care, and overall program management.

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