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YouTubers Watch 4 Billion Videos per Day

[MediaPost, 1/24/12]

Wow, that’s a lot of cats doing funny stuff:YouTube visitors are watching an average of four billion videos per day, according to a post on the video platform’s blog, which represents an increase of 25% over eight months ago, double the volume in May 2010, and four times the volume in October 2009.

The volume of video content uploaded has increased to 60 hours per minute and according to one estimate and forecast the total revenues from YouTube will rise from $825 million in 2010 to $1.3 billion in 2011 and $1.7 billion in 2012.
Is your company using YouTube to connect with your customers?
Here are some ways to use YouTube for business:
  • Post recordings of presentations you’ve given.
  • Share slides from presentations.
  • Create videos of valuable tips of interest to your clients and prospects.
  • Post customer video testimonials.
  • Create “how to” videos to help your customers use your product or service.
Does your business have a YouTube channel? How are you using it to engage with your customers and prospects? Share your thoughts with us.
Mary Shaw