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Xerox Is Selective About Its Social Media

It’s always interesting to see how big name companies with a long-standing brand presence are using social media to varying degrees of success. Xerox, founded in the early 1900s, has a small budget dedicated to experimenting with emerging ad and marketing platforms. The company ran a small paid tweets campaign on Twitter that helped boost follower numbers and drove traffic to a YouTube video intended to help re-brand Xerox as a 21st-century tech services firm.

The company also takes a nuanced approach to international social media management, allowing execs at its 160 country locations to create Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, but monitoring them for quality assurance. The U.S. marketing team recently had to shut down one of those Facebook pages when it wasn’t up to snuff.

“We’ve been allocating some dollars for experimentation every year because the marketing landscape is changing so quickly every single month,” Carone told ClickZ on Monday. That experimental media budget accounts for less than 5 percent of the overall marketing budget, she said.

“As a result of our recent paid Twitter activity, we increased interested followers by 50 percent, and increased awareness of a new video on our YouTube channel through engagements including retweets, replies, favorites, and clicks,” said Carone. The company also ran a promoted “Who to Follow” campaign targeted to people interested in B2B.

“When I look at this from a business-to-business perspective… I say ‘OK, paid Twitter promotion activity can be effective in a very tactical way.’ ” She would not use the platform to market to large corporate clients buying multi-million dollar systems and services. In addition to selling printers, Xerox offers IT outsourcing services, handles transactional processing for highway payment systems such as E-ZPass, and does administration of electronic medical records.

The firm does a lot of “very targeted digital advertising” such as display advertising when promoting specific, lower-priced products, said Carone.

jill Manser