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Would You Rather Spend a Night in Jail or Give Up Your Facebook Account?

A recent study reveals 62% of adults who are currently a member of more than one social networking site, say they keep an eye on their social networks because they don’t want to miss something (“Fear of missing out: FOMO”). The findings also indicate that nearly 40% would rather undertake unpleasant or potentially painful activities before they would give up their social networking profiles.

Consumers can’t get enough…not only are they afraid that they’re missing out, but the younger generation often checks their pages before they get out of bed. More than half of social media multi-taskers want a solution to help them manage their online overload.

Many social media users, would prefer to undergo a difficult task than being forced to delete their social media accounts. Nearly 40% of people surveyed would rather do ANY of the following than give up their social networking profiles:

  • Wait in line at the DMV
  • Read War & Peace
  • Do their taxes
  • Sit in traffic for 4 hours while listening to polka music
  • Get a root canal
  • Spend a night in jail

If you are not already using social media to create buzz about your company, build brand loyalty, and drive traffic? What are you waiting for? Social Media is here to stay and it’s a great channel to engage with your customers and drive business objectives. The experts at Customer Insight Group have insight, know-how, and hands-on experience to guide you from strategy to implementation. Contact us today!

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Mary Shaw