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Word of Mouth Igniting the Buzz

Viral marketing is a powerful tool. Think about it. How many times today have you forwarded news, articles and even jokes to a co-worker or friend? A report released by Sharpe Partners found that 89% of US adult Internet users share content with friends, family and associates by email and they do it frequently. The study reported that 63% of the respondents share content at least once a week, and 25% share daily or most days. In addition, 75% of the content that is forwarded is sent to at least six other recipients. What every you call it —word of mouth, buzz or viral marketing — having other people tell your story can drive sales and profits. One person sends it to a friend, then that person sends it to her family and then yet another sends it to a co-worker, and on and on.

The challenge for marketers is to harness the amazing power of word-of-mouth. If want to learn the formula for success, view this presentation from Online Market World and discover the secrets of Web 2.0 techniques and technologies that build credibility and create exponential growth in your message’s exposure and influence. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how to ignite the buzz from people passing on their impressions, recommendations or referrals of your products or services.

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