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Why Content Marketing is Still Relevant in 2015

Content marketing may sound, at first, like something cumbersome, or something for infomercials or late night advertising. “Call us now and we’ll send you a free booklet on our amazing product!” or something similar is probably not the best strategy for most businesses. But with the power of the internet, especially the ability to easily produce videos and infographics and documents, content marketing could be exactly what you need to bring more eyes to your website.

Just walk down the street and it will seem like every other person has a smartphone, through which they can receive video content no matter where they are. This is one big reason why content marketing is not only still relevant in 2015, but more relevant than ever before. 70% of organizations are creating more content than in previous years, according to Forbes Magazine and the trend is going upward, rather than down.

Relevant Today… and Tomorrow

The use of spam as “marketing” has made some business owners and customers rather cold to the idea of content marketing. The big difference between the two is value. Whatever content you push has to have meaning to the person receiving it. If your content is good enough for people to stop to read it, you’re that much closer to a sale. Thanks to big, ready-made distributors of content, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

More Than Just Email

The old world of content marketing is the email list. While this is still a valuable tool, now there are social media sites, blogs, videos, and interactive websites through which some amazing content can be created and posted. Few things spread more quickly than a viral video or a well-worded tweet. You never know when something you post will go from unknown to a national (or worldwide) sensation over just the course of a few days, making it the most effective kind of content marketing.


We can know more about the customers that patronize our businesses better now than ever before. People voluntarily post their information on social media and other public places on the internet. It’s no longer necessary to rely on demographics when the information is right there in front of us. Now, we can easily tailor content for a specific audience, catching their attention by opening with something we know they want to see or read.

People today prefer to be seen as individuals, rather than a like-aged group who all believe and think the same things. Today’s technology gives marketers the opportunity to embrace and utilize that individuality. Different content will be produced to speak to different cultures and locations or to different needs a given client might have. Everyone likes being treated as an individual, and this approach will keep them coming back for more.

This is the Age of the Video

While YouTube is the vanguard here, video is popping up all over social media now. A commercial doesn’t have to be bought from a network anymore. If your content is interesting enough to gather viewers, you’ll get thousands (or more) views, a large number of which will become loyal followers and customers.

Content Marketers Are the New Way to Grow

It’s already undeniable that content can generate interest and even customer interaction, especially when the content is well put together. As methods develop to track and collect data linking content marketing to the growth of a company, the importance, and popularity of using these new methods to gain and retain customers will only rise.

Are They Not Entertained?

Everything is entertainment today, which is why well-designed content is more important than ever. If you’ve got a video that makes your customer chuckle, or a blog post that makes the reader think, you’ve got a sale. You’ve probably also got valuable likes or +1s that will boost interest, bringing more people to your content, which in turn will generate a bigger positive response.

Content marketing is not only relevant in 2015, it’s a necessity. The way technology is trending today, it will more than likely become even more necessary in 2016 and in years to come. As with all of these important trends, it’s always a good idea to master the concept early, the better to get ahead of any potential competitors.


Emily Hunter is an SEM Strategist and Outreach Supervisor at the Marketing Zen Group. She loves designing strategies with her team and is excited about spreading the Zen gospel. In her spare time, she cheers for Spirit of Atlanta, Carolina Crown, and Phantom Regiment, crafts her own sodas, and crushes tower defense games. Follow her on Twitter at @Emily2Zen