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Who’s Edging Who in the Race for Social Media Dominance?

Are brands ditching Google+ for Pinterest? We recently ran across these numbers and couldn’t help but wonder if Pinterest might be a brand’s new BFF.

According to an analysis by the analytics firm Simply Measured, 64 of the top 100 global brands named by Interbrand in 2011 have Google+ pages, up from 61 when the platform was a month old in December. It found that 22 brands have been added to circles by more than 100,000 users, up from zero in December. Google is touting successes such as that of the Cadbury U.K. page, which organized three hangouts on air in March and saw its follower base grow by 150,000 afterward, according to a case study published by Google.

But there are also brands, such as Pizza Hut, Visa and Heineken, which have created pages, but haven’t posted anything since. A common theme when it comes to Google+ for brands and users alike.

The latest official report from Google said more than 100 million people have been active on Google+ in the past 30 days, but that number includes people who’ve set up Google+ accounts and then visited another “socially enhanced” part of Google, such as search pages or YouTube. ComScore data paint a less rosy picture, showing that the average Google+ user spends three minutes on the platform every month, compared to 405 minutes for Facebook users. The average time spent by each Pinterest user per month is 50 minutes, per ComScore.

Are you using Google+ in your social media strategy? Share with us how it’s working for you.

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jill Manser