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Who’s Doing Facebook Right?


The social media goliath that is Facebook has been dominating marketers priority lists and brands have been wielding their presence there long enough that there are several standouts that are worthy of showing off their good work. The idea here is that while everybody may be on Facebook, these brands are using Facebook strategically to play a part in advancing their overall business objectives and goals.


We can all take a lesson here in product roll-out. Instead of just changing out their menus this last fall to feature their perennial favorites, Starbucks decided to let their Facebook fans pick which U.S. and Canadian cities would get their Pumpkin Spice Latte a whole week before everyone else. A custom app let fans earn points for their cities through various interactive activities. This was a picture-perfect way to reward loyal customers and empower their Facebook fans. A real-time leaderboard kept everyone in the know until the end – when Chicago and Calgary got their pumpkin spice and drank it too.

Starbucks Customer Challenge



Anyone would prefer to sit with friends rather than strangers, which makes Ticketmaster’s social seat map an ingenious use of the social platform, bridging online convenience with offline reality. When event goers connect to Ticketmaster through Facebook, they see a map that shows where their Facebook friends are sitting for a given event allowing them to buy tickets near them (or maybe steer clear of them!). The map is now in place for more than 9,000 events and has helped lift Ticketmaster’s engagement and traffic by 33 percent.

Ticket Master Facebook Friends


For those of us who need a reminder that Facebook is about listening as much as it is about talking, you should take a look at 1-800-Flowers. They started out on Facebook by using its Page for customer support. What they heard from customers about their preferences helped drive merchandising decisions. Take their Mother’s Day campaign as an example. Moms were asked to weigh in on their favorites on Facebook; four out of the five most liked became Mother’s Day bestsellers.

1 800 Flowers Special Offer


What does a deodorant and high school bullying have to do with each other? Plenty when Secret made the decision to face the timely topic of mean girls with the Mean Stinks campaign. Facebook fans could use the Good Graffiti app to write something nice, or to apologize, to someone in their lives. Product coupons, video clips, and links to 24-hour counseling centers rounded out the campaign, which ultimately raised fan engagement 24 times its previous level.

Secret Gang Up for Good Campaign

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