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Which Retail Brands Top Twitter?

Brands Using Twitter For Marketing

Twitter Marketing Statistics that caught our eye. What do these numbers mean to you?

Look Which Retail Brands Top Twitter

Converse has the most fans, but not the most customers talking about them. The question is how can Converse engage more with it’s growing fan base. After all, its not a race to grow as many fans. Its all about creating a brand connection.

Converse 31,617,299 276,249
19,021,789 220,101
Walmart 17,600,130 899,259
Target 15,707,535 519,651
Zara 13,868,425 82,524
Burberry 13,041,098 125,862
Levi’s 12,769,866 188,677
H&M 11,488,313 122,571
Lacoste 9,971,451 63,871
Nike 9,643,837 125,025

Look Which Retail Brands Top Twitter

Whole Foods has the most followers.

Whole Foods 2,767,059
Zappos 2,468,978
TOMS Shoes 1,687,646
Etsy 1,660,479
H&M 1,309,527
Cake Wrecks 1,234,917
Burberry 1,116,352
Victoria’s Secret 951,898
Marc Jacobs 951,898
Forever 21 608,710


[Source: The Fan Page List, 7-11-12]

jill Manser