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Which Brands Score High in Their Facebook Relationship Quality?

Ah, if only we had the ability to score our personal relationships by a set of analytics. But fear not, brands can quantify their Facebook relationships by Fathom Analytics’ new Relationship Quality Index (RQI). And while Fathom offers up one way to equate your branding efforts with a measurable number, it also serves as an everyday reminder for our social media efforts. It’s not just about “Likes”, it’s about the whole relationship.

It’s no surprise that the top-rated brands on Facebook tend to be the ones with the most likes. YouTube (48 million likes), MTV (29 million), Coca-Cola (36 million), Starbucks (26 million) and Disney (29 million) make up the top five. However, other factors, such as engagement, momentum and emotion, keep things interesting and those brands rankings don’t fall in precise order of fan counts.

So Starbucks, even though it trails Coca-Cola by 10 million fans, is behind by only one point — 87 to 86 — in RQI, thanks to superior engagement and sentiment for the company. Likewise, the java giant beats Disney by two points — 86 to 84 — even though it trails by about 3 million fans. Further down the ranking, Kohl’s (6 million fans) is a respectable No. 31 on the list, with a 77 RQI, thanks largely to coming in first among all brands on Facebook in fan emotional sentiment. Kohl’s actually over-indexes on all emotional scales — including frustration and hate — compared with other brands on Facebook, but fans show it the love by a significant margin.

Fathom Analytics, a subsidiary of social-media analytics firm Motivequest, bases its rankings on four factors that get equal weight: The brand pages’ number of fans, their momentum (how quickly they’ve been acquiring fans lately), fan engagement (how often they post or interact with the page) and emotional quality (or how much and how positive emotion is expressed within comments).

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