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What is QuiBids?

QuiBids is an online store that is known as “eBay with a twist”. QuiBids is a store that took a framework from other known websites that are similar such as eBay, and Craigslist. There are many important pieces of differentiation for QuiBids that help separate itself from other similar companies. One aspect of QuiBids that they try to make important is the fact that there are no customer-to-customer transactions. QuiBids only uses products that are directly from manufacturers or distributors which eliminates the possibility of a scam like other sites. The unique aspect of this business is the way customers place their bids. In order to bid on QuiBids, you must buy bids in bulk at $0.60 per bid. Unlike other sites, each bid can only go up in increments of 1 cent. This is unique because many customers forget the fact that they are paying 60 cents per their 1 cent bed. This form of business allows more lucrative items to be sold at a much cheaper price depending on how many people actually bid.

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