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Wechat: An instant communication app brought by Tencent

Wechat is an mobile app based on instant communication brought by a Chinese company, Tencent. The idea of Wechat basically combined the idea of Kik,What’s app, and Talkbox. But Tencent claimed that users would experience more on this app. Wechat has reached 100 million users in just 433 days which is quite astonishing. With the new version being launched, Wechat 4.o, overseas users could use it now. Wechat 4.0 would open its API which enable third parties to incorporate their own plug-ins, which opens a new channel for marketers to communicate with customers. Wechat 4.0 enables marketers to:

  • Integrate third parties’ plug-ins to provide service
  • Set up a business page in its social page to provide information
  • Place ads on Wechat in the future

Why is this news worthy?

  • Future trend on social media will transfer to mobile
  • Wechat is a great platform for marketing since it has gained a great amount of people on it
  • Offer marketers a new channel to communicate with customers

Digital marketing is a must-have thing in today’s market. Marketers keep finding ways to know more about their customers. Wechat is a cost-effective app for marketers since it based on instant communication and it has already had the most valuable asset, customers.