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Viewing Facebook Content Makes People More Likely to Buy

Earlier this week, a study conducted by comSource, in partnership with Facebook showing that users exposed to brand messages on the site are more likely to make purchases than those who didn’t see them.

The study was conducted with a test group that had been exposed to organic brand content and a control group that had not. The earned-media effectiveness studies used Starbucks and Target fans and friends of fans and followed the test and control groups over the course of four weeks. In the case of Starbucks, 2.12% of the group exposed to organic Starbucks Facebook content had made an in-store purchase after four weeks, as opposed to 1.54% of the group that had seen no such content but made an in-store purchase (a 38% difference). In the case of Target, 3.9% of the group exposed to organic content made an in-store or online purchase in the elapsed month, compared to 3.3% of the group that hadn’t been.


The study also looked at the effect of exposure to premium Facebook ads by a major retailer on purchase behavior. After a month, it found that 1.47% of the test group had made an in-store purchase of the brand, compared to 1.27% of the control group, and that 0.61% of the test group had made an online purchase, compared to 0.39% of the control group.

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Mary Shaw