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Value Driving Consumer Purchases

Value is a top priority when purchasing consumer packaged goods products, according to findings from a study conducted by Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods. When asked what thoughts crossed their minds when making decisions to purchase food, household and personal products on their most recent grocery shopping trip, almost two-thirds (64%) of global consumers indicated value for the money.

Value Drives Consumer Purchases

Value Drives Consumer Purchases

Of note in the study are the differences highlighted between various countries. When compared to other countries in the study, more consumers in France (81%) and Canada (79%) were likely to mention “Value” as a decision-making factor when shopping for food. In contrast, consumers in Russia (51%) and Brazil (52%) were least likely to mention “Value” as a decision-making factor.

Beyond value, the study data indicates other factors that Marketers should communicate at the point of purchase. For marketers of food products, good taste and healthy ingredients are major influencers on the consumer’s in-store purchase decision. For household and personal products, it is appears that convenience is a strong persuader.

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