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Using Social Media to Create a Personal Brand: Focusing on Blogs

With the growing popularity of social media outlets, and the variety of networks available online, it is no wonder that employers are turning to social media to learn more about possible employees.  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media are a great tool for building personal brands; that is, broadcasting your strengths and interests to your advantage.

Anjli Mehta, a senior journalism student, began her personal brand when she started a witty dating blog called “This Single Life.” Some time after linking her blog to her Twitter account, Mehta received a job offer via email from USA Today.  The newspaper discovered Mehta’s blog through her Twitter page, and decided to extend her a job offer for its online publication centered around college themes.

Social media can be used to display portfolios, employment history, and other positive qualities to employers.  Many employers are now turning to blogs, personal websites, and social networks to help judge the abilities of potential employees.

In conclusion, it’s more important now than ever to uphold a positive image through social media outlets, and to use these tools as an advantage.