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Using PPC & SEO To Gain Competitive Advantage

As the rise of Google Adwords and Bing pay per click advertising seemingly never ends, so has the pressure on implementing exceptionally successful digital marketing campaigns. Gaining that sought-after competitive advantage can be seen as a daunting task for today’s digital marketer. There is hope, however, and this hope lies in the use of competitive keyword research analysis reports.

As each day arises, the web is exponentially more and more chaotic and cluttered, leaving more and more options for SEO and PPC. By taking a careful look at your competitor’s keyword analysis, you gain an invaluable and complete overview of the exact phrases your competitors are optimizing.

So what can marketers do with this?

  • Discover cheap (unused) PPC opportunities and undiscovered SEO niches
  • Spend less time testing, tracking, experimenting, etc, “in the dark”
  • Find out what historically works and doesn’t
  • Emulate what works & trash what doesn’t
  • Find new trends or slang your competitors aren’t optimizing and jump on it