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Unique CRM Practice – Cordarounds

Cordarounds is an online-only clothing company based in San Francisco. It started with two employees – Chris Lindland and his friend Enrique Landa. They manufacture HORIZONTAL corduroy pants and sell them online. Its business model may violate both the best practices of catalog industry and of classic e-commerce home page design, but Cordarounds receive national and international press for new product launches.

Some takeaways from Cordarounds’ CRM practice:

  • Cordarounds’ website allows it to appear to be much bigger than they really are
  • A powerful homepage with a sense of humor make it looks like it is from a big company
  • Every product they launch is geared toward how much noise will they get on the internet through the heavy leverage of social media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • They launch new products first on social media sites to give brand loyalists an opportunity to buy the new product first and it also gives the company a chance to identify who their loyalists are
    • Cordarounds use Google AdWords to launch campaigns and take advantage of Google Analytics to track the site traffic
    • Cordarounds uses Google AdWords to set up campaigns made up with key words that targeted their ideal market demographic
    • Google Analytics allow Cordarounds to see how visitors arrive at the homepage and how to interact with the websites

In conclusion, I think Cordarounds is using the right social media tool – with the right mix of personality, education and promotion (along with a good push to its website)