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TwitterMom Seal of Approval Launched this Week

Popular website “” has launched a Seal of Approval that can be awarded to products that meet their rigorous standards. Each product is tested in-home by over 25 Moms (members of the site) and put to daily household tasks that test the limits of the domestic product.

This is a great example of consumers helping one another to make savvy purchases during the recession. A trusted “Seal of Approval” demonstrates the power of a social networking site on consumer habits and begs the question; who is going to pay $3.50 to find out what the “experts” at Real Simple Magazine think anymore?! In all seriousness, the TwitterMom Seal of Approval shows the transfer of power into the average consumer’s hand from the once upheld “experts”.

It also shows how valuable a Social Networking site can be to a Brand. It is a huge opportunity for Brands to get some free marketing, align themselves with their consumer base and create loyalty. If a Brand plays their cards right, they could be welcomed into small “Mommunities” (a Mom Community) worldwide based on the TwitterMom Seal! It is also a great opportunity for struggling Branded Labels to demonstrate their quality over lower priced Private House Labels. Is the the Scotch Mop really superior to the Kroger Brand Mop? To be continued…

To learn more about the Seal of Approval and see the full article please visit,