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Twitter Trends: PR and Self-Serve Ads

Some Twitter items that have bubbled up recently we thought were worthy of consideration.

Make Your Press Release Twitter-Friendly

By its very nature, Twitter is about news. New news. Like, this very second kind of news. So it only natural that it pairs nicely with the goals of your latest press release. A recent study found that Twitter drives more traffic to press releases than Facebook. Make your press release more Twitter-friendly by:

Write a Killer Headline in Only 120 Characters – Yes, the basics of headlines still apply — it still has to be snappy, engaging and eye-catching. But keep in mind that press releases that get the most shares and views are ones that have headlines in the range of 120 characters, which also makes them the perfect length for tweets. Leave a little extra space for those who want to leave their own comment when they retweet.

Tweet the Numbers – Stats and facts catch people’s eye and are easy to stick to the 120 character guideline.

Employ Hashtags and Keywords – Don’t forget to incorporate those powerful hashtags and make sure keywords and search terms are in the release so it can be found.

He Said. She Said. Got a truly interesting quote in your release? Tweet it and include the person’s brand or Twitter handle.

Twitter to Launch Self-Serve Ads

It’s in test mode right now, but it looks like Twitter will soon be releasing a self-serve option to its ad platform. This change means that businesses can buy ads directly via Twitter using a credit card or Web browser. This marks a significant milestone for Twitter to grow its business offerings and for small and medium-sized businesses to take control of another ad channel. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as this new option slowly gets rolled out.

Like to tap the minds of social media experts on how to incorporate these and other Twitter trends into your social media strategies? The experts at Customer Insight Group can help.

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