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Twitter Launches Pay Per Click

How it works:
Twitter introduced a new advertising platform targeted at small business users. It is a self-service advertising account in which customers, which must also be American Express users for the time being, can create promoted tweets or promoted twitter accounts. Companies are then charged per interaction, such as a retweet or an @ reply, and per follower gained. Target markets can be selected based on the geographical information users give when they sign up for a Twitter account. There is, however, concern that this new platform has a potential for malaware because any person with an American Express card can create a promoted tweet to many users’ news feeds.
Why is this newsworthy?

  • It is a new way to use Twitter as a promotional platform.
  • Twitter users can now be more targeted.
  • It opens a new pathway for small businesses to advertise in the same space that big companies have been able to use.