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Tweet-A-Beer Rewards Social Customers

Have you ever bought something on your smartphone? A new app? Perhaps a Groupon. How about that girl you’ve been crushing on, have you ever bought her a drink, on your phone?!

The social media and mobile app world are growing by leaps and bounds, and now, opportunities are popping up around every corner for discounted social experiences.

The app “Tweet-a-Beer” allows users to send beer money in $5 increments via Twitter using Paypal. You can personalize the tweet with a message and it allows you to add a location to drink the beer you purchased together (a clever first date idea if you ask me).

Another similar mobile app, Bartab, founded in September of 2009, allows users to buy a drink for a friend for $1 and allows the friend to pay the remaining $1 at the bar when the purchase occurs. Bars must opt-in to participate in the app, and many are jumping on board to expand their brand’s awareness both personally and through social media.

Another new App called Joynln (currently only available in San Francisco) combines group couponing and check-ins. It offers deals to social gathering places such as bars, clubs, coffee shops and restaurants, and gives you perks for checking in on the app! Basically, you plan the dinner for you and your friends using the mobile coupon, and you receive the benefits (when has being the host ever been better). It combines other social media tools such as Facebook (for the invitation confirmations) and Yelp (for the reviews). This is a much more business-friendly application and combines all people involved. They reward customers for checking in with points and deals, employees get to build customer bases, and owners get to leverage the social network of their employees to their advantage.

All of these apps really join in on one main focus. They reward people for being social, and the rewards are greatly appreciated.