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Tips for Building Your Brand with Linkedin

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

Today, businesses realize that LinkedIn and other social networks can be just as important as their websites and deserve serious attention. LinkedIn gives organizations increased visibility for their brand, products, and services. Potential customers, clients, and suppliers can learn about your company on LinkedIn to see if they’re interested in doing business with you. Below, we have compiled the top tips to help in building your brand with LinkedIn:

  1. Optimize Your Company Overview — On your company page’s Overview tab, only the top portion of your company description is visible. Make the most of this real estate by giving followers a reason to follow the company page, and include a call to action.
  2. Company Specialties — Use keywords when you list your “Company Specialties” to help your company get found when people are searching for companies like yours within LinkedIn.
  3. Plan Your Content — Use LinkedIn Pulse to research what other people in your industry are writing about. Create a content calendar for regular updates about company news, new products, and services. Status updates that either create a dialogue (grow your visibility) or contain a call to action (generate leads) are the most effective forms of updates. Choose the title of your post wisely. Every time you publish a post, your connections receive a notification in real time. This notification contains the title of your post and the title of your post only. So it is critical that your title stands out.
  4. Post Regularly — Post at least 20 status updates per month to maximize your reach to approximately 60% or more of your unique audience each month. Best-in-class marketers are posting 3-4 status updates per day, per audience. Consistently posting will help you grow your LinkedIn reach, as well as regularly get traffic to your website from LinkedIn.
  5. Access LinkedIn Publisher Stats — LinkedIn Publisher analytics shows you how many people are viewing each post, the length of life of each post, reader demographics and the people who engage with your posts. Use the first three demographics (industries, titles, and locations) to make sure you’re attracting the right audience with your content. These insights can help you refine your content development and lead generation strategy.
  6. Time Your Status Updates — Experiment with different publish times and days to gauge the way your audience responds. As a baseline to get you started, many companies time the posting of their status updates during the morning or midday during the business week for maximum exposure.
  7. Publish in LinkedIn Pulse — Post regularly to LinkedIn Pulse and encourage shares and comments on each article. How-to posts perform best for post views, likes, comments, and shares than any other post type. In addition, “best-of” lists get almost 40% more amplification than regular company posts.
  8. Use Images — Use images in all your company updates. Images attract more attention to your content, meaning more engagement and increased visibility. Your uploaded image will be automatically resized to fit the 180 x 110-pixels thumbnail space.
  9. Build Followers — Encourage your employees to follow your page, email your existing contact database with a request that they follow your page, place a Follow button on your website or blog, and cross-promote your page on other social channels, including LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, etc.
  10. Join Groups — Pinpoint LinkedIn groups that allow you to extend your reach, showcase your expertise and stay on top of industry trends. Share valuable information and facilitate interesting discussions within the groups.
  11. Pin Valuable Content — Pin your most valuable content to the top of your Company Page in the recent updates section. This ensures that your most important content is the first thing people see in your updates.
  12. Engage Followers —Take the time to thank, respond to and fully engage with your audience. Ask questions, share trivia and quizzes, and celebrate company wins with your followers.

Infographic How to Use LinkedIn for Business

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