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Three Steps to Take Advantage of Social Media

With the serge of social media today the importance of a business’ presence on such outlets is becoming a vital aspect of a company’s search engine optimization program. A business’ social media presence influences their ranking within their SERP’s. However, even though there is not a definitive answer from Google about the specific mechanisms by which social media signals influence a site’s SEO,Sujan Patel outlines three main steps that should help a company take control of their social media marketing.

Step 1: Increase Social Shares

  • Social signals are still to weak to justify artificially padding your Facebook “likes”, Twitter “tweets” and Google “+1s”
  • Instead, make sharing your content on social networks easy to do and encourage consumers to share articles they enjoy on social networking sites. This will grow a company’s social signals profile in an effective and sustainable way

Step 2: Grow Your Audience to Build Authority

  • Both Google and Bing have hinted, the relative authority of social networking users is considered in the ranking algorithms alongside the total number of shares each site receives
  • Being regarded as an authority figure within your industry’s social media space could have a positive influence on your site’s search engine results page rankings now and in the future
  • To truly develop an effective online presence in order to improve your SEO invest time into all of the elements of social media (twitter, Facebook, blogs, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc…) in order to portray the image that you want associated with your brand

Step 3: Engage with Authority Users

  • An even more powerful way to use social networking from an SEO standpoint is to “piggy back” of the authority of others
  • Don’t demand that they share your content right away; allow these relationships to develop over time
  • If you offer good value over time, some of these authority users may be willing to pass on a link to your site, representing a potentially huge impact for your site’s SEO

Why is this newsworthy?

  • Companies are not having to play the “rank me higher” game with Google
    • Search engines have figured out: If people share your content, it’s probably pretty good
  • Forcing companies to create content that is relevant to their customer
  • Search is better when it’s not just based on math and algorithms, but also infused with the opinions of people
  • Social media is helping search engines deliver more immediacy and more relevant results

Today the importance of social media to the marketing mix is growing. If a company wants to continue to be worthy of the attention of consumers in the marketplace, then social media must be a vital part of their marketing mix. While the specific measurements are unknown, following these three steps will help marketers to benefit from the power of social media marketing no matter how Google monetizes these markers in algorithms.