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The 6 Best Marketing and Social Media Apps for Students

Selling yourself as a brand that’s what’s trending in 2022. Everything and everyone is a brand. One thing no one prepares you for in your student life is the amount of work it takes to maintain your social media profiles efficiently. You are constantly drowning in homework and tests, all while trying to maintain a social life and social network with other professionals.

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On social media, you’re marketing the version of you that you want people to see and admire. Investing the time and resources to maintain your image on social media is challenging but not impossible. It can be overwhelming to stay active on the internet while managing your everyday responsibilities. Despite this, if you want to expand and grow your network and influence, there are a few useful tools you can install to make life easier.

Did you know that, according to recent data gathered by experts at Statista, there are nearly 3 million apps available in Google Play Store? If you don’t trust us, check the chart below.

chart of the number of apps in google play store in 2021

1. Snapseed

Social media marketing is all about visuals. 90% of photographs posted on social media today are taken via smartphones. There is no reason for you to be stuck using a boring, old editing app anymore. There are many photo-editing apps available on the market today. Move over basic photo editing apps, Snapseed is here to blow your mind with its unlimited editing features, all for free. This platform offers professional-level editing options for people who want their social media profiles to look stunning and cohesive. Whether you are a photography expert or a novice, Snapseed will make your life easier and provide you with endless editing functions.

Known for being used by food and travel photographers who have many followers on Instagram, Snapseed is a social media fanatic’s favorite. Many bloggers recommend this app among their favorites. The app offers basic photo-editing features as well as advanced effects and filters that can make your Instagram pop! It promises to give you computer-level editing solutions, all on your phone. Add a whole new level of detail and quality to your selfies with Snapseed. It is available for both Android and iOS phones.

2. Over

Have you ever been envious of Photoshop experts and have always wondered why you never learned the complicated software? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Photoshop is expensive and requires a laptop. On the other hand, Over is a user-friendly mobile application available for free for users of both Android and iOS devices. This app gives users the option to create beautifully designed graphics using text, images, stickers, textures, and other elements.

Social media users have grown in number worldwide during the pandemic. There are 10% more of them this year compared to last year – nearly 5 billion! It is necessary to be skilled at promoting yourself on social media. Young creatives can start a business and market their products using a nifty tool like this one. Create engaging layouts, posters, icons, thumbnails, and more using the application. This effortless communication and design app now have a desktop application that you can use on your computer. Make your photos interesting and creative with Over.

3. Quik

Social media marketing is incomplete without video content. In the US and the rest of the world, videos are getting increasingly more popular.

chart of digital video penetration 2021

In today’s digital era, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok rely heavily on videos. In fact, YouTube was the social media app in which users spent the most time in 2021. If you’re a student who wants to stay connected with the world, you need to start making reels, IGTV videos, and TikToks now. Video is highly engaging and digestible to users of social media. It has become easier to watch a 30-second video to grasp information rather than reading text-filled infographics. According to Finance online, these are the types of videos people love:

video types people want from brands

People love videos because they are the fastest way to learn something. Quik, as its name suggests, is a fast and handy video-editing application that helps you create the smoothest of transitions with music and other media. Created by GoPro, Quik gives you the option to create cinematic-style videos with unlimited cloud backup. Create interactive and easy-to-follow with Quik on both Android and iOS devices today.

GoPro has recently launched a brand new, revamped version of the application. It now comes with dedicated cloud storage and an option for users to go live using the mobile app. The new version also includes a variety of fun, new filters, and soundtracks and aims to make it easier for people to edit videos. People ranging from beginners to experts can install Quik to make the best videos.

4. Hootsuite

Have you ever wondered if there’s an app that can help you manage all social media profiles in one place on the market? Yes, there is one. Hootsuite is Ryan Holmes’ solution to all your social media management needs. The platform’s user interface is a dashboard that supports different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can manage multiple profiles on this app and also measure the success of each post.

Effective profile management is crucial for social media marketers as it helps them advertise and manage content across all channels. Successful marketers, in turn, heavily rely on apps, which is proven by the chart below provided by Business Insider.

share of marketers usign mobile marketing techniques

5. Grammarly

Any type of marketing, including social media marketing, rests on a single pillar – unique, qualitative, relevant, error-free, and well-delivered content. For your marketing efforts to be fruitful, you should not blindly rely on your own writing and proofreading abilities but use a tool specially designed to upgrade content. One of such tools that many people love is Grammarly.

This software is a well-known and globally appreciated tool for writers, bloggers, and marketers alike. Students use it when they write their school essays (when they are not getting coursework writing help from an academic provider); workers of various spheres use it to proofread their business emails; marketers utilize this solution to ensure that the content they use for their campaigns is authentic, easily digestible, grammatically and stylistically sound, and well-suited for the chosen audience.

6. Iconosquare

Although Hootsuite offers analytics and other tools to help you measure your social media growth, you may want something more data-oriented. Iconosquare is a great social media analytics tool that helps users understand their social media patterns and make decisions that can lead to higher engagement. The platform provides you with actionable data and can be used to make the best of your social media profile.

Tracking analytics to observe engagement and make impactful decisions can help steer your business in the right direction. The data provided to a user of Iconosquare can help you measure your business’ performance and make changes, if necessary. Engagement and ROIs determine the growth of the business profile and can be observed using the app. Iconosquare guarantees to increase your engagement percentage from the average of 4.7%.

The official Instagram partner app also gives users the option to make data-driven decisions that lead to steady growth in followers. Their regular user reports provide you with data that makes you strive for success and maximize your social media performance. The platform offers users a 14-day free trial, after which you can upgrade to the Pro version if you like it. Get actionable social media analytics for your Instagram page today.