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TGI Fridays: Buy A Burger, Give A Burger Social Media Campaign

TGI Fridays recently launched, “Jump Burger: Buy One, Give One,” a new promotion that gives guests a unique way to share a FREE burger through social media.

“We think giving our guests an innovative way to pay a burger forward, and the race to snag one of our digital burgers, allows friends to socialize in a new way, while being generous,” said Brian Gies, chief marketing officer for Carrollton, Texas-based TGI Fridays. “People love the friendly competition and the free burgers.”

A spokeswoman for the chain said the promotion is “designed to engage guests and their friends — both inside and outside the restaurant.”

When you buy any one of Fridays hand-crafted burgers and enter the code on the receipt at, and you’ll get a FREE burger to toss out on your social networks, or to email to friends. The first person to snag it gets a FREE burger to enjoy at any Fridays location. It’s called Jump Burger, like a “burger jump ball.” It’s that simple. But you have to act fast. Once burgers go up for grabs, they go quickly—and this promotion is only for a limited time.

[Source: TGI Fridays]

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