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Study: Mobile Ads Increase In-Store Visits by 80%

A recent report reveals that mobile ads on smartphones and tablets are having a big impact on consumer purchases.

The Mobile Audience Insights report, conducted by NinthDecimal, focuses on understanding how the role of mobile has evolved in various stages of the consumers’ path-to-purchase. The report offers marketers insight into how consumers are using mobile differently than in prior years, as well as identify trends to watch as mobile’s role in the consumer shopping experience continues to change.

Most notable is the 80% jump in physical store visits during the first day after a related ad was viewed.

Mobile Audience Insights

  • Mobile programmatic ad buyers were 8X more likely to target audiences based on ethnicity than either income or gender.
  • 57% of advertisers delivered offer-based mobile ads.
  • Consumers spent 5.2 seconds longer on mobile ads in Q4 2014, likely due to mobile video driving increased engagement.
  • Store visits remained above average for the first 6 days after consumers were exposed to an ad.
In 2014, 54% of respondents said they use their mobile devices to shop for products before arriving at a purchase decision, regardless of what means they employ to make the buy, in comparison to 34% in 2013.

Cross Device Path-to-Purchase Benchmark
[Source: NinthDecimal]

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