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Structuring a Social Media Team

How do you organize your social media efforts internally in your company? Who’s responsible for creating content, who takes care of customer complaints, anyone doing the analytics and what about CRM?

Is a dedicated social media team the right fit for you, or should social media be integrated company-wide?

The right structure and leadership for social media at your organization is critical to achieving your social business goals.

While no two organizations look the same, there are typically five organizational models we’ve seen in our strategic consulting experience: organic, centralized, hub and spoke, dandelion, and holistic.

Recognize these models are not organizational charts, they represent a cultural change. Executives and their employees must realize the social web requires companies to undergo a cultural change as customers bypass companies and connect directly to each other.

Now, after viewing this presentation, do you think your social media team is structured properly? If not, shoot me some questions and let’s discuss the ways you can organize resources and team members to maximize your success. Click here to contact us today!

Mary Shaw