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Social Media: What It Can Do For You

The Review, a monthly publication serving the advertising, marketing and media industries in Colorado, recently invited me to share some thoughts about the role that social media can play in helping companies reach their goals, and how brands can pick the right social media channels for them. Here’s a look at the article:

oct_2012-online_coverFinding it hard to grasp just exactly what social media can do for you? It may seem a challenge to draw a concrete line between Facebook posts and bottom line results, but it’s easier than you think to attach real business goals to social media tactics.

Drive Traffic

Your Facebook fans have already invited you into their world, so when you offer up engaging or unique content within your postings that links back to your main website, you keep the connection with your customers while showing them something new. And remember, a more engaged customer is more likely to buy from you, refer their friends to you and stay loyal rather than jumping ship to the competition.

Listen and Connect With Customers

No. You can’t just assign an admin with the task of creating your company’s Facebook page, then just sit back and hope something good happens. That’s not how it works. Social media demands two-way communication, which means that you not only must be committed to monitoring your social media, but you have to be actively listening and responding to your customers. This is how you create a community, build customer trust, reinforce loyalty and learn how to affect purchasing behavior. Continue reading the complete article here.

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