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Social Media Usage & Video Take the Spotlight

These recent statistics caught our eye. What do these numbers mean to you?

Age, Not Gender, Drives Most Social Media Usage

Facebook’s penetration among socially networked US adults is 90%, and the site enjoys roughly the same appeal among women age 18-34 (92%) and age 35+ (92%), but Facebook is not the norm.

By contrast, YouTube reaches 56% of socially networked adults, but is far more popular among younger social women (66%) and men (83%)

And, Twitter reaches 20% of socially networked adults, but is far more popular with men age18-34 (34%) and women age 18-34 (24%)

On average, younger Facebook users have two times more friends than older users with virtually no difference between men and women. Women, age 18-24 averaged 305 Facebook friends, while Women age 35+ averaged 133 friends.

[Source: NetPop Research, Social Media in the US]

62% of Grocery Shoppers Save With a Loyalty Card

Shoppers are more cost-conscious than they were a year ago and their search for value is changing the way they approach the shopping experience. To save money, respondents said:


For Some, Work Never Ends

The lines between work and home look distinctly blurred for executives, according to a study by gyro and Forbes Insight. Among senior decision-makers:

52% say they receive information related to business around the clock, including weekends

63% check work email every 1-2 hours during non-work hours

53% step away from dinner to deal with work issues

98% send work emails during the weekend or at night

On the flip side… 98% said that they dealt with personal matters in the office

[Source: Forbes Insights, The @Work State of Mind Project]

Americans Are Watching More Online Video Than Ever

Breaking all previous records, Americans viewed more than 8.3 billion video ads in March according to new data from comScore.

Hulu recorded more than 1.7 billion video ad views in March, while Google Sites, i.e.- YouTube, ranked second with more than 1.2 billion video ads.

Time spent watching video ads totaled a whopping 3.5 billion minutes. Who knew we had so much time to watch videos online?!

jill Manser