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Social Media Usage Spotlight

How are you using social media? Are you just getting the hang of it? Maybe only starting at the basics with listening and some simple customer engagement strategies? Here are a few ideas on how to use social media that you might not have considered… yet.

Customer Service – Social media offers your customers the opportunity to engage, which means that whether they’re disappointed or elated about a service experience with your brand, chances are pretty good that they will talk about it in real time. Here’s your chance to respond with genuine concern and care to customer service issues as they emerge. Those followers who don’t have any issues, will take note and appreciate how you handle them. Those with issues will welcome a quick response, even when you take issues offline. The best thing you can do is respond quickly and show that you care. Social media can help you turn a bad customer service experience into something positive that ultimately nurtures long-term customer affinity.

Gauge Your Advertising – You still have traditional advertising out there, but social media can be another place besides a response rate that you can measure what kind of buzz it’s creating in the marketplace. Try including campaign-specific hashtags on ads, employing a complementary tab on Facebook or utilizing unique URLs within ads to test the success of a campaign.

Keep an Eye on the Competition – Sure you’re just now getting the hang of monitoring the social media world to understand what’s being said about your own company, but consider listening for what’s going on with your competition to help you get the lay of the land. Understanding the complete landscape allows you to fine-tune your unique differentiation in the marketplace and can help the spotlight shine brighter on you.

Test the Waters – Thinking about adding a new product line? Not sure how your customer loyalty program is being perceived? Social media can be an excellent tool to gain instant feedback about whatever it is you want to know. Not only do you walk away with actionable customer insight by your most engaged fans, your customers feel more connected and feel that they have a vested interest in what you do with that information. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Need some help in integrating social media throughout your marketing plans? Look to the experts at Customer Insight Group for guidance from crafting strategy to creating a customized social media roadmap.

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