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Social Media Strategy: Convert Brand Users to Fans

Social media marketing demands a shift from brands pushing messages one-directional to getting involved in a two-way engagement with your customers. Your customers have formed opinions about you, your level of service, the quality of your product, and are likely expressing that opinion. Everybody gets to throw in their two cents. That alone can feel a little daunting when you’re trying to keep your branding clear and concise. But, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be one of your greatest assets when you put the right social media strategy in place to engage them.

Users of brands who also are Fans are most receptive to those brands versus users who are not Facebook fans.

  • 80% more likely than non-fans to be brand users
  • 18% more satisfied with their brands than are non-fan users
  • 43% more spent in respective categories versus non- fans
  • 11% more likely to continue using the brand than are non-fans
  • 85% of Facebook Fans are likely to recommend the brand compared to 60% of non-fans

Get to know your customers, learn what they like, show them you listen. It’s a little give and take that results in trust – a priceless asset well worth the work. Here are action steps you can take, now:

•Encourage loyal customers to be brand evangelists and share their opinions
•Leverage all customer touch points — i.e. point of purchase, direct mail, email, IVR, website and customer service to convert brand users to fans
•Make it easy for customers and fans to share


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