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Tips to Optimize Pinterest for SEO

Incorporate SEO Into Your Pinterest Strategy

People search Pinterest for home improvement ideas, party planning inspiration, favorite recipe ideas, and much more. They look at Pins and they make plans for change. As a brand, you want to draw people to your content, but then give them action steps to take. With these Pinterest SEO best practices learn how to optimize your Pinterest account, Pins and Pinboards for SEO.

5 Tips to Use Pinterest for SEO

1. Optimize Your Username and About Section

Start with your username, most businesses remaining consistent with their other social media profiles, making it easy for people to find your brand across platforms. Keep in mind, there is a 15 character limit for usernames.

Next, you’ll want to optimize your About section where you have 200 characters of prime keyword real estate. As on most social networks, you’ll want to utilize this space for a keyword-rich overview that includes: who, what, and where of your brand.

Under Search Privacy in Settings, Pinterest asks if you’d like to keep search engines from showing your Pinterest profile in search results. If you want to appear in Google results, make sure that this option is set to “No,” otherwise you’ll only be discoverable through Pinterest’s internal search.

SEO for Pinterest

2. Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

The name and description of the boards where your pins appear need to include your keywords. The board names should describe the theme of the board and the description should include few sentences with keywords rather than just listing keywords.

SEO for Pinterest Boards

3. Optimize Your Pinterest Pins

The description of the pin should incorporate keywords and provide a specific and thoughtful – one that helps the users find the image they are looking for. Add details that describe your image or product and create a natural flow of text.

Having a strong in description is even more important since Pinterest Guided Search was introduced. Guided Search helps pinners sift through all of the platform’s content to easily locate what they’re interested in. This is important because all of the board titles, descriptions, and comments associated with your Pins can influence how frequently they appear in members’ searches.

Pinterest Images: Use images that are formatted and named correctly. A big mistake is uploading an image using its default name, such as “logo.jpg,” which doesn’t help in search. Instead, focus on using clearly named image files and alt text that include keywords to make it easier for search engines to determine what your image is about.

Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO

4. Verify your Website

When you verify your website it certifies that you or your business is the owner of your website. It’s a simple few steps to get your site verified, and it can help your SEO rankings. Sites that have been verified show up with checkmarks in the domain search results. This can get you more traffic to your site too.

 5. Link Back to Your Site

Always add links back to your website on your pins. That way pinners can always click on your pin, and still be directed to your product page. The more hits your site gets, the better you are in search rankings.

Include the full URL when you are adding up your link. Pinterest doesn’t like shortened links like Alos, be sure you are linking to the specific product or landing page on your site. This way your repinned pins will be directed exactly where you want them to be in your sales funnel.

Pinterest SEO, isn’t a once and done type of marketing technique, it takes time and dedication—but when the traffic payoffs can be well worth it! Now that you know how to get your products found, you’ll want to learn more about marketing on Pinterest. Here are some articles and resources to help you with your Pinterest Marketing:

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Mary Shaw