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Snapchat: Best Practices for Marketers

 Snapchat for Business

How Brands are Using Snapchat for Business

If you are at all familiar with the marketing potential that a platform like Twitter offers, then you will be more than impressed with the possibilities of using Snapchat for business. Snapchat has more active daily users than LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Snapchat Users Stats

For a long time, the social media giants Facebook and Twitter have occupied the top spots for most active social media sharing users; Snapchat, while it younger than both of them, has managed to surpass Twitter. Naturally, the savviest marketers have made an effort to take advantage of the unquestionable potential that Snapchat offers for marketing success.


The following techniques are just a few of the ways that Snapchat can be utilized for more effective online marketing campaigns.

User-sponsored Campaigns

One of the more unconventional Snapchat marketing techniques that have shown a proven record of success is the user-sponsored campaign method. Much like how an extremely popular Twitter or Facebook page might be able to help a brand by lending some its exposure, retailers and brands can benefit from having popular Snapchat users being involved in their campaigns.

The halo effect of extremely popular Snapchat users has the power to give hundreds of thousands of views and followers to any brand that strategically chooses the right users to support its Snapchat campaign. Capitalizing on the excitement of the 2016 Super Bowl game, PepsiCo-owned Gatorade released a Super Bowl Snapchat lens that let anyone give themselves a Gatorade bath.

Live Event Promotional Event Sharing

Because of the nature of Snapchat, the app can be used to allow users to get a live eye on promotional events that would otherwise be inaccessible to them beyond photographs and videos taken after the event.

Because Snapchat allows users to see things live, brands can reward their followers with the privilege of allowing them to see clips of things that are currently underway, rather than sharing photos and videos after the fact. Giving the followers an exclusive live look at special events opens up the brand-new potential for user engagement.

Live Product Demonstrations

In addition to being able to give users a live perspective on ongoing events, products may also be effectively demonstrated through Snapchat as well. For decades, businesses have been able to share the value of the products through campaigns specifically meant to demonstrate the functionality of the product.

When using Snapchat for business, the credibility of any claim supporting a product can be boosted by giving a live demonstration through the application. Rather than hoping customers will be persuaded by copy or video footage, Snapchat can be used to offer and instantly verifiable example of just what a product looks like and is capable of; this allows the value of products to be shared with users more authentically.

Example Snapchat Campaigns

U.S. Tennis Association Snapchat

U.S. Tennis Association

The U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) is raising awareness for the U.S. Open tournament with a new campaign called “You In?”. A Snapchat geo-filter launched within Times Square to build engagement and share the “You In?” messaging.

 MTVMTV Snapchat

Taco Bell, Trojan Condoms, Orbit gum and the Truth anti-smoking campaign ran ads in the Live Stories and worked with MTV to produce other Snapchat content during the Video Music Awards.


honey-bunches-of-oats-snapchatHoney Bunches Of Oats

While television continues as a core component, the Post Foods brand is also experimenting with new platforms — including Snapchat’s Snap Ads Between Friends and TV Sync, a solution that syncs social media ads with TV programming.

The growth that Snapchat has experienced in a single year has been more dramatic than the growth in Twitter users in four years altogether. It would be rational to predict that the growth in Snapchat users won’t be indefinitely meteoric, but if the growth potential does continue to scale upwards even marginally, then Snapchat marketing will continue to be highly effective and lucrative for all who are able to employ these techniques successfully.

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