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Lowes Uses Social Media to Drive Brand Awareness

Lowes Social Media Campaign Generates 13+ Million Impressions on Twitter

Lowe’s home improvement stores launched a social media campaign that shares clever home improvement tips in six seconds. The campaign uses stop-motion and clay-like animation to demonstrate each tip.

“The core to the creative on Vine is the simplicity. Vine forces brands to get very pointed about the message they are getting across in six seconds. So the tips that we decided to bring to life had to be relevant for Manhattan residents living in small spaces. Our creative team really spent a lot of time figuring out how to bring these to life.” Molly Adler, Senior Creative Director, BBDO Worldwide.

To drive awareness around the arrival of the first Lowe’s home improvement stores in Manhattan, creative agency BBDONY looked to turn heads in the way New York knows best — the iconic Christmas window. But what dressed those windows needed to be as true to the Lowe’s brand as it was to the fast-moving city.

The agency found a spark of inspiration from the hit 2013 #lowesfixinsix Twitter campaign which featured a series of six-second Vine videos sharing useful tips with consumers to improve their lives and their homes. A team of builders, engineers, and specialists created several animated dioramas where metal figures sprang to life, re-enacting those six-second Vine life hacks designed to help passersby make the most of small Manhattan spaces. Those walking past set the dioramas in motion by pushing a button outside the store window, and Periscope shared the experience with consumers outside of New York.

Over the course of the three weeks that the live Vines looped in the @Lowes NYC windows, almost 30,000 people physically hit the “like” buttons. Thousands of people shared and uploaded the experience to social media, generating 13.7 million impressions on Twitter.


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Mary Shaw