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How To Create A Social Media Channel Strategy

What is a Social Media Channel?

A social media channel is an individual social media network that can be used for communication, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

Definition of Social Media Channels

Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism gives you a visual map of the current social media landscape. It highlights the dominant and promising social networks and organizes them by how they’re used in everyday life. The article, What is the Best Social Media for Business, provides tips and a strategy for picking the best social media networks for your business.

Develop a Multi-Channel Social Media Strategy

If you want to create a failproof social media channel strategy, here are four fundamental concepts for you to consider.

1. Determine How Social Media Supports Business Goals

Deciding on the right social media marketing channel for your business can be tricky. First focus on core understanding — who you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to accomplish, and how you want to engage your target audience. Next, determine how each social media channel supports your social media marketing, overall marketing goals and most importantly the businesses goals.

Social Media Supports Business Goals

2. Choose the Best Social Media Channels to Connect with Your Customers

Social media marketing is a two-way street. No matter how many dollars you spend on Facebook advertising or Twitter ads, you will never convert enough leads or paying customers for it to make sense unless you are exchanging value with your market on a regular basis. Think of it as your company’s chance to be a part of the community its products serve. You’re officially invited to the party by creating an account on a given social media channel – Get to know your customers, entertain them, make them laugh, make them cry, don’t talk about yourself, talk about them. Intrigue them, be the cool kid in the room. Develop social media campaigns to engage and grow your followers.

If you are new to social media or you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing, Customer Insight Group’s Social Media Resource Guide will help bring you up to speed. It includes compelling, well-researched, proven social media tactics and strategies.

Engaging Social Media Posts

3. Tell Your Story

Each social media marketing channel is a different medium for catering your brand’s message, and every brand has a story that deserves to be told. When you tell your story in a genuine, intimate, compelling way online, people start to care about you. A tribe is built around your brand, and they will talk about you when you’re not around. They will share your messages, and when you do have some self-promotion that needs sharing, they will happily wave your flag for you and with you. This all comes from finding out what makes your business unique, what things set you apart from your competitors, why you went into business in the first place and delivering that in a genuine, honest, compelling way.

Example Storytelling for Nonprofit

4. Measure Results

Set quantifiable measures for success when creating a new channel strategy. Do you want 1,000 new leads? 10 online sales per month? If you don’t have a tangible representation of success in your marketing strategy, it’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s hard to justify paying money for internet marketing without measurable ROI. With weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, you will have your social platforms buzzing around your brand, generating leads, new customers, and most importantly sharing your brand’s story with the world creating a narrative around your company’s legacy.

Measure Social Media Marketing Impact

These four concepts should help you develop a failproof social media channel strategy. Know why you’re using the channel, leverage your content by giving first and asking later, be like Steven Spielberg and use the internet to tell your story, establish quantifiable measures for success. You’ll be well on your way to dominating social media for your business.

If your company can’t find its way around Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube… maybe you could use a coach?

Social Medi Strategy PlanIntroducing Customer Insight Group’s Social Media Navigator. This in-house event, developed especially for your company, gets your entire team up to speed on the latest in social media options… benchmarks your readiness… and delves deep into the most effective ways to integrate social media into your CRM strategy. Find out which social media tools make sense for you and which ones you can safely ignore.

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