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Find Out Which B2B Industries Get the Greatest Impact from Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media Content Benchmarking

Find Out Which B2B Industries Get the Greatest Impact from Social Media Marketing

A recent study by TrackMaven highlight the big picture trends in B2B social media marketing, along with industry breakdowns of the leading brands and most effective networks in each sector. The study analyzed 12 months of content from 326 leading B2B brands. The social media networks included in the analysis included Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Overall, B2B brands have the largest audience on LinkedIn — 36 times the number of followers they have on Instagram. The median social media audience size for B2B brands is: 109,000 on LinkedIn; 34,000 on Facebook; 18,000 on Twitter; 3,000 on Instagram; and 420 on Pinterest. The chart above outlines the B2B social media audience size by industry.

Machinery manufacturers are adept at growing their audience across the B2B landscape, brands in the machinery sector see the highest social media audience growth, with average annual follower growth of 129.02% per brand. Engaging content is a correlated factor.

Importance of B2B Social Media Engagement

Every comment, like, and share (basically any action a fan or follower takes) per social post is considered engagement. As a marketer, it’s important to know how successful your brand is creating engaging content. The engagement ratio exposes the percentage of your fans/followers that engage with content.

B2B brands get 20 times more engagement on Instagram than on LinkedIn. The average engagement ratio (number of interactions per post per 1,000 followers) for B2B brands is: 22.53 on Instagram; 15.88 on Pinterest; 5.99 on Facebook; 1.09 on LinkedIn; and 0.86 on Twitter. You can use the charts below to see how your brand measures up against industry-specific benchmarks.

B2B Social Media Engagement Ratio


Social Media Engagement Ratio

Software brands see fantastic social media growth (up 82% total followers across 2015 on average) but the worst content engagement (2.62 engagement ratio). Is buzz attracting followers without the content to back it up?

Biotech, engineering, and financial services brands are in the social media sweet spot. Brands in these industries have substantial audience growth and content engagement on social media, indicating highly impactful social content. The financial services industry’s 81.77% average annual follower growth per brand is especially impressive given the industry’s large median social following.

What social networks drive the greatest impact for you? Based on the industry-specific benchmarks, do you see opportunities to improve your social media marketing efforts?

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