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Amazon Spark – A Social Networking Tool For Shopping

Amazon Launches Spark, a Social Networking Tool to Discover and ShopAmazon Spark for Shopping

Amazon Spark looks very similar to Pinterest or Instagram. It shows users images of products that can be clicked and directly link the shoppers to the product pages available on the Amazon website.

Discover More with Amazon Spark

Spark is available in the U.S. on the Amazon App for iPhone. Open the Amazon App on your iPhone, tap the main menu, select ‘Programs and Features’, and you’ll see ‘Amazon Spark’. Useres can scroll through the feed and buy products — but to post, you have to belong to Prime. Beyond this, you must have spent $50 on Amazon to fully participate in the community. The threshold for full participation in Spark is thus spending at least $149 on Amazon.

Amazon Spark Interests

Once users sign up, they are asked to identify topics of interest. The list includes various lifestyle areas and interests (e.g., travel, art & design, humor, fitness). Amazon recognizes that if this were only about pushing products, it wouldn’t be as appealing as a broader, interest-based network that also includes products in some larger context.

Users are able to shop their feed by clicking on the product images or links with the shopping bag icon to view and purchase for items or interacting with other shoppers by commenting on their posts. To send comment or create a post, you scroll to the top page.

With this new feature, Amazon may be targeting the young generations to shop through their app. Studies show that, about 80% of GenZ and 74% of millennial consumers say that social media has a huge influence on their shopping decisions.

What do you think of this new feature? Will you be using it?


Mary Shaw