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Social Media Marketing: Overtone

Have you ever thought about what social media has done for collecting customer information? Well, Overtone has not only thought of it, but perfected hoe to gather information from these social media sites in order to give companies better customer feedback and create a communication base for both consumers and companies. Now, that’s a lot to handle, but what if I could tell you that Overtone took all aspects of traditional marketing and updated them to e-marketing today. By using all aspects of traditional marketing (social media marketing, brand marketing, and direct marketing) Overtone allows companies to combine customer engagement, image and reputation, and lead generation through their newly released product called OpenMic. E-marketing will never be the same because of this innovative product. Not only can it be expanded, but it can also be used today as a essential tool to all businesses. So, referring back to my first question, social media is the leading factor in gathering information from customers, and that is what OpenMic provides.

Editorial Staff