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Social Media Marketing: “Give Your Twitter a Facelift and Make Your Tweets R-A-R-E”

Social Media Today- “Give Your Twitter a Facelift and Make Your Tweets R-A-R-E”

Twitter has become a fixture in the world of social media marketing. More and more businesses and individuals are turning to Twitter as a means of self promotion and marketing. Because of the influx of users to Twitter, it is important for one to differentiate themselves in order to maximize the benefit gained from having a Twitter account. An article on Social Media today’s website provides 5 tips to improve your Twitter experience.

Tip # 1: Stop following.

Don’t follow inactive tweeters. An inactive Tweeter is one who does not tweet on a consistent basis.

Don’t follow a tweeter who does not have a profile picture.

Don’t follow a tweeter who is not following you as well. You can use the “Manage Filter” to clean up your account by “bulk un-following”.

Tip # 2:

Set up some Twitter lists.

A list on Twitter can be made my grouping tweeters you are following together by similarities. When you click on this list you can see what all the list members are tweeting about. This is a good way to manage your trends and the various people you are trying to reach through your tweets. A list can also “cut some of the noise” you get when you visit your Twitter homepage.

Tip # 3:

Change your background, avatar (profile picture), and bio.

Tip # 4:

Make your tweets RARE

Relevant: What do your clients care to know about? What do they need to know about you?

Articulate: Make sure your tweets are concise. Do your tweets make sense? Would someone want to Retweet what you’ve tweeted about?

Reliable: Do your tweets aid in boosting your credibility? Do you use a consistent language and tone throughout your tweets?

Enabling: Are you approachable? Do you add value to your community?

Tip # 5:

Follow new tweeters.

Look for tweeters with similar interests and that are within your same community. Use Twitter to find networking events and attend them.

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